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Hi Rhonda (and the rest of the gang!),

Just a little note to thank you all for your efforts on my behalf. My left leg still has a way to go, but I wanted you to know I still do some of the exercises you gave me and I stretch virtually every day.

Last week I did about 20 miles of hills when visiting my daughter in Dallas. There were one or two really tough ones. I rode them all in the large ring and experienced no pain in my knees at all. Last Saturday I was going to ride Rosarito to Ensenada, but got spooked by the rain. I did a local ride here, including hills over by the University and rode 52 miles without any pain.

Thanks to you all, I’m getting back to where I want to be!


Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you that I did the Surf City Marathon last week! I felt GREAT! I give you a lot of the credit for helping me learn to develop muscles that I was not using properly. I am diligently working out every morning using most of the strengthening exercises that you gave me to do. Thanks so much for all of your dedication to me and my recent injury! You guys are the best! By the way I did not go to the gym and pay the high price for a membership with them. With your suggestions and help I have been able to set up my own “Minnie” gym in our home office where it is very functional and convenient to use. Thanks again for all you did for me!